PVI2017 Sunday Schedule

The schedule for Sunday is now online. You want to look at the tabs “Girls Bracket [Sun]” and “Boys Bracket [Sun]”.

Please take a minute to look over the schedule, in detail, and make 100% sure you know where your team needs to be at what time tomorrow.

Note: Field 24 is adjacent to field 23. You can view the field map right here. Please play on the field you are assigned to on the online schedule.

Please let Josh know ASAP if you see any issues by emailing him at jseamon@gmail.com.


PVI2017 Important Phone Numbers

Here are a few phone numbers that may prove to be useful this weekend:

  • Tournament Director: Josh Seamon (802.748.9857)
  • Boys TD: Anna Hall (802.922.2660)
  • Girls TD: Kate Desrochers (443.889.4396)
  • Scorekeeper: Karin Eichelman (617.797.5627)
  • Volunteer Director: Eliot Levine (413.320.9508)
  • Local Parent Support: Paul Jahnige (413.658.8810)
  • Trainer1: Mieka Davis, ATC,CMT (508.277.4156)
  • Trainer2: Janet Kennedy, M.Ed, LAT, ATC (781.214.6249)

Team Box Bins

At check in, each team will receive their team box.

Please make sure you return the box! (We reuse them each year.)

Also, it would be helpful if you could make sure the box is, at least, relatively clean when you turn it back in.

Less then perfect rosters

The following teams have at least one outstanding issue to clean up on their event roster. The issue could be an unsigned waiver or unpaid USAU membership dues. Please fix these issues before checking in on Saturday morning.

Team (Division) [# of personnel with roster issues]

  • Amherst Regional (Boys) [2]
  • Amherst Regional (JVA) (Girls) [1]
  • Burlington (Boys) [1]
  • Burlington High School (Girls) [1]
  • Camp Ramah Berkshires (Boys) [5]
  • Cape Elizabeth (Girls) [1]
  • Cape Elizabeth (Boys) [1]
  • Essex High School (Boys) [3]
  • Falmouth HS Boys JV (Boys) [1]
  • Falmouth HS Boys Varsity (Boys) [1]
  • Four Rivers Charter School (Girls) [1]
  • Greely (Boys) [1]
  • John Jay High School (Boys) [1]
  • Lexington (Boys) [3]
  • Longmeadow High School (Girls) [2]
  • Longmeadow High School (Boys) [4]
  • Montpelier (Girls) [2]
  • Montreal (Girls) [1]
  • Montreal Titane (Girls) [2]
  • Needham (Boys) [1]
  • Northampton (Girls) [1]
  • Somerville High School (Girls) [1]
  • The Beacon School (Girls) [4]
  • West Windsor Plainsboro North (Girls) [1]
  • West Windsor Plainsboro South (Girls) [1]
  • West Windsor-Plainsboro HS North (Boys) [1]

PVI2017 Food

1) What’s in the team boxes?

6 apples, 8 bananas, loaf of bread, pound of peanut butter, pound of Nutella, clamshell of baked brownie bites, big bag of pretzels, bag of Twizzlers

2) What food will be available at tourney central during the day for free?

Sandwiches (PBJ nutella), bagels & cream cheese, apples, bananas, watermelon slices, lemonade, gatorade

3) Will food be available for sale?

Yes, at least one food truck will be present. Menus will be posted as soon as we have them.

Friday Night All-Star Game! Saturday Morning Check In!

This just in from Tiina Booth:

Come and watch ZooDisc take on a team of All-Stars assembled by our coach, Russell Wallack, in an Ultimate under the lights showcase!

The game will be at McGuirk Alumni Stadium at UMass on Friday May 19th from 7-9PM! Tell your friends and family! Admission is free for this elite showcase of ultimate talent!

The game is sure to be amazing! Come cheer on some unreal Ultimate and support UMass in the week leading up to their trip out to Nationals! You can learn more about the game on the Facebook Event page.

All teams must check in at tournament central on Saturday — by 7:40am if you’re playing in the first round and by 9:20am if you have a first round bye. Here’s what we’ll be checking:

  • Is your tournament fee paid?
  • Is your dinner fee paid?
  • Do you have any players on your roster that are not cleared to play? (Player fee, waiver)
    • Please remove players from your roster that will NOT be at the event!
  • Can you show us your team’s medical authorization forms?

We will also be collecting a $100 check from each team at check in. The check will be returned on Sunday once your team has submitted a spirit score sheet for every game played. Checks should be made out to “Ultimate Good” and your team’s name and division should be written in the memo field of the check.

Please note that all of the above items must be taken care of before your team will be allowed to start playing.

At checkin your teams will receive dinner tickets (if purchased) and a tournament information packet that will include a program as well as spirit score sheets for each game.

You can check the status of your team’s paperwork on the Team Status page. All teams must check in even if they have submitted all requisite paperwork!

Interested on what it takes to host the PVI2017? Check out this dispatch from Eliot Levine, Volunteer Director:

2017 Program & Parking

The tournament program is now available!

A few notes about field access and parking:

Please realize that violation of driving and/or parking rules is grounds for your entire team to be ejected, immediately, from the event. 

  • You must drive 15mph or slower on Island Pond Road. This is the ONLY access road to the field. (Seriously). The road is not long. Please take your time and drive super slow. Please.
  • The parking lot is immediately to the left upon entering the field complex. All vehicles must park in the lot except for large busses.
  • Busses (only!) can park in the lower parking area down by the water. This lot is to the right after you enter the complex. Please, ONLY busses can park by the water. Busses must park on the field side of the parking lot and not the dock side – leaving enough room so that boaters could still park on the dock side.
  • Not sure if you should park in a particular spot? If so, don’t park there.
  • Parking attendants will be on hand.