Friday Night All-Star Game! Saturday Morning Check In!

This just in from Tiina Booth:

Come and watch ZooDisc take on a team of All-Stars assembled by our coach, Russell Wallack, in an Ultimate under the lights showcase!

The game will be at McGuirk Alumni Stadium at UMass on Friday May 19th from 7-9PM! Tell your friends and family! Admission is free for this elite showcase of ultimate talent!

The game is sure to be amazing! Come cheer on some unreal Ultimate and support UMass in the week leading up to their trip out to Nationals! You can learn more about the game on the Facebook Event page.

All teams must check in at tournament central on Saturday — by 7:40am if you’re playing in the first round and by 9:20am if you have a first round bye. Here’s what we’ll be checking:

  • Is your tournament fee paid?
  • Is your dinner fee paid?
  • Do you have any players on your roster that are not cleared to play? (Player fee, waiver)
    • Please remove players from your roster that will NOT be at the event!
  • Can you show us your team’s medical authorization forms?

We will also be collecting a $100 check from each team at check in. The check will be returned on Sunday once your team has submitted a spirit score sheet for every game played. Checks should be made out to “Ultimate Good” and your team’s name and division should be written in the memo field of the check.

Please note that all of the above items must be taken care of before your team will be allowed to start playing.

At checkin your teams will receive dinner tickets (if purchased) and a tournament information packet that will include a program as well as spirit score sheets for each game.

You can check the status of your team’s paperwork on the Team Status page. All teams must check in even if they have submitted all requisite paperwork!

Interested on what it takes to host the PVI2017? Check out this dispatch from Eliot Levine, Volunteer Director:

2017 Program & Parking

The tournament program is now available!

A few notes about field access and parking:

Please realize that violation of driving and/or parking rules is grounds for your entire team to be ejected, immediately, from the event. 

  • You must drive 15mph or slower on Island Pond Road. This is the ONLY access road to the field. (Seriously). The road is not long. Please take your time and drive super slow. Please.
  • The parking lot is immediately to the left upon entering the field complex. All vehicles must park in the lot except for large busses.
  • Busses (only!) can park in the lower parking area down by the water. This lot is to the right after you enter the complex. Please, ONLY busses can park by the water. Busses must park on the field side of the parking lot and not the dock side – leaving enough room so that boaters could still park on the dock side.
  • Not sure if you should park in a particular spot? If so, don’t park there.
  • Parking attendants will be on hand.


Finalized Schedule

The tournament schedule has been finalized and can be viewed online right here.

7:00am: Gates open up at the Oxbow. Please do not show up before 7am.
7 to 7:40am: Check in for all teams that are playing during the 1st round
7:45 to 8:00am: Captain’s meeting for all teams that are playing during the 1st round
8:30am: Round 1 begins
9:30 to 9:45am: Captain’s meeting for all teams that have a 1st round bye
4:15 to 7:30pm: Showers open at Northampton High School (NHS)
4:45pm: Hard cap on round 5
5:30 to 7:30pm: Dinner is served at NHS
6 to 9:30pm: Dance, music, and social time fun at NHS!

7:30am: Gates open up at the Oxbow. Please do not show up before 7:30am.
8:30am: Round 1 begins
3:00pm: Hard cap on last round of GIRLS division games
3:30pm: GIRLS division awards ceremony
4:45pm: Hard cap on the last round of BOYS division games
5:15pm: BOYS division awards ceremony

Schedule – Draft 1

Please make sure you take a look at the Team Status page and that you complete any outstanding tasks ASAP.

As of 11pm on 5/14, the following teams are NOT yet cleared to play:

  • Somverville (Girls) [Blank roster]

The following teams are provisionally cleared to play:

  • Columbia JV (Boys) [Check]
  • Lexington JV (Boys) [Check]
  • Lexington V (Boys) [Check]
  • Sharon (Boys) [Check]
  • Beacon X (Girls) [Need more cleared players]
  • Beacon Y (Girls) [Need more cleared players]
  • Berkshires (Boys) [Need more cleared players]

At this point, if your dinner check is not yet in the mail, please do NOT mail it. Hand it off to us during team registration on Saturday morning. Here’s what teams currently owe for dinner:

  • Northampton V (Girls) – $287.50
  • Montpelier (Boys) – $250
  • Northampton V (Boys) – $250
  • Needham A (Boys) – $237.50
  • Falmouth A (Boys) – $225
  • Falmouth (Girls) – $200
  • Falmouth B (Boys) – $200
  • Beacon Y (Girls) – $162.50
  • Beacon X (Girls) – $150

All teams playing in the first round must check in at tournament central by 7:40am on Saturday. Teams with a first round bye must check in by 9:30am on Saturday. During check in, every team must take care of any outstanding paperwork they may have. We will check:

  • Un-cleared players on your roster: Please delete them!
    • Note: If you play with unrostered players, your team will be ejected from the tournament.
  • Your tourney fee
  • Your medical authorization forms — Just show us that you have them.
  • $100 check made out to “Ultimate Good” which will be kept as a deposit until you return your last spirit score sheet on Sunday. At that point we will give you back your check.

And now on to what you’ve been waiting for… the tournament schedule!


Girls Division (21 teams):

  • There are three pools of 5 (A, B, and C) and two pools of 3 (D and E). All teams in each pool play every other team in their pool. At that point the teams in pools A, B, and C are re-ranked. Pools D and E have then have a crossover semis and final, along with 3/4 and 5/6 games to determine 1st through 6th in the “DE” pool of 6.
  • The top 2 teams in each pool (A, B, C, and DE) advance to the championship bracket.
  • The 3rd and 4th place teams in each pool advance to the 9th-place bracket.
  • The 5th place teams in pools A, B, and C, along with the 5th and 6th place teams in pool “DE” play a partial round robin consolation.

Boys Division (38 teams):

  • The top 8 teams are in pools A and B. Teams 9 through 38 are in pools C through J. Each pool has 4 teams except I and J which have 3 teams. After pool play teams are re-reranked. (Pools I and J have a crossover.)
  • The teams that finish in the top of the pools in pools C through J play crossover games with teams in pools A and B. The winners of those games inherit the higher ranked position of the two teams. (This allows a team not initially ranked in the top 8 to jump into the top 8.)
  • The top 8 teams play in the championship bracket.
  • The top two finishers in pools C through J play in the 9th-place bracket.
  • The third place finishers in pools C through J play in the 25th place bracket.
  • The fourth place finishers in pools C through H play a partial round robin consolation.

Click here to view the schedule. Please remember, it is NOT yet finalized.

The schedule will be finalized by 8pm on Monday, 5/15. Please send in comments by then!

A personal plea from Josh: Please look over the schedule in detail and let him know ASAP if you see any issues. He can be reached at

Dinner, Housing, Rostering, and Seeding!

Hello everyone!

It’s hard to believe, but first pull is happening in less than 17 days! Here are the super important items you need to know at this point:

-1) All teams will need to show their medical authorization forms at check in on Saturday. That being said, it’s highly preferred if each team could scan their med forms and email them to Josh ( before the event.

0) All teams can track tasks on the Team Status page.

1) All teams that confirmed that confirmed their housing requests using the online form a couple weeks ago should receive their housing information from housing coordinator Megan ( in the next couple days. If you don’t receive your housing information by Thursday evening, please email Megan.

2) The following teams are not yet cleared to play and are at serious risk of being dropped from the event with no refund given:

  • Amherst JVB (Boys)
  • PVPA (Boys)
  • Somverville (Girls)

All three of these teams need to email Josh ( immediately and let him know when you project your paperwork will be complete.

3) The following teams are provisionally cleared to play. Each of the listed items need to be competed ASAP.

  • Lexington JV (Boys) [Missing tourney fee]
  • Lexington V (Boys) [Missing tourney fee]
  • Sharon (Boys) [Missing tourney fee]
  • Beacon X (Girls) [Not enough cleared players]
  • Beacon Y (Girls) [Not enough cleared players]
  • Berkshires (Boys) [Not enough cleared players]

4) Some teams have yet to submit their dinner fees. Please get your checks in the mail ASAP!

  • Montreal (Boys) – $312.50
  • Northampton V (Girls) – $287.50
  • Montpelier (Boys) – $250
  • Montreal Titane (Girls) – $250
  • Northampton V (Boys) – $250
  • Needham A (Boys) – $237.50
  • Falmouth B (Boys) – $212.50
  • Falmouth (Girls) – $200
  • Falmouth A (Boys) – $187.50
  • Beacon Y (Girls) – $162.50
  • Beacon X (Girls) – $150

Checks should be made out to “Ultimate Good” and sent to Josh Seamon, PVI2017 Dinner, 3 Payson Ave #1, Easthampton, MA 01027.

5) Initial rankings are below. They are entirely based on rankings: Girls, Boys. Please look over the rankings below and let me know what you think. Also, please add game scores to the system. I am particularly interested in hearing where teams marked with ??? think they should be placed. I will be locking in rankings this Friday, 5/12 at 3pm EST.

Girls Teams:

1 – Four Rivers V (Girls)
2 – Northampton V (Girls)
3 – Concord-Carlisle (Girls)
4 – Falmouth (Girls)
5 – Newton North (Girls)
6 – Somverville (Girls)
7 – Montpelier (Girls)
8 – Lincoln-Sudbury (Girls)
9 – PVPA (Girls)
10 – Radnor (Girls)
11 – Lexington V (Girls)
12 – Longmeadow V (Girls)
13 – Amherst JVA (Girls)
14 – Beacon X (Girls)
15 – Beacon Y (Girls)

??? – Burlington (Girls)
??? – Cape Elizabeth (Girls)
??? – Ottawa Wicked (Girls)
??? – WW-PN (Girls)
??? – Montreal (Girls)
??? – WW-PS (Girls)

Boys Teams:

1 – Amherst V (Boys)
2 – Burlington (Boys)
3 – Masconomet (Boys)
4 – Montpelier (Boys)
5 – Lexington V (Boys)
6 – Concord-Carlisle A (Boys)
7 – Falmouth A (Boys)
8 – Four Rivers V (Boys)
9 – Newton North A (Boys)
10 – Longmeadow V (Boys)
11 – Middletown (Boys)
12 – Sharon (Boys)
13 – Westfield B (Boys)
14 – Essex (Boys)
15 – Amherst JVA (Boys)
16 – Lincoln-Sudbury (Boys)
17 – Northampton V (Boys)
18 – Needham A (Boys)
19 – PVPA (Boys)
20 – Concord-Carlisle B (Boys)
21 – WW-PN (Boys)
22 – Acton-Boxborough (Boys)
23 – Four Rivers JV (Boys)
24 – Scarsdale (Boys)
25 – Falmouth B (Boys)
26 – Lexington JV (Boys)
27 – Amherst JVB (Boys)

??? – Cumberland (Boys)
??? – John Jay (Boys)
??? – Ottawa Ignite (Boys)
??? – Cape Elizabeth (Boys)
??? – Montreal (Boys)
??? – Northampton JVA (Boys)
??? – Ottawa Scorch (Boys)
??? – South Portland (Boys)
??? – Berkshires (Boys)
??? – Mamaroneck (Boys)

Rostering, Dinner Checks, Housing, and Gear!

Excellent progress has been made by many teams on their paperwork! Thanks! That being said, some teams still have some work to do. You can check the status of your paperwork at any time on the Team Status page.

All teams should keep in mind:

  • All players on all rosters will need to be fully cleared by 5/13/17. [Due paid, online waiver signed]
  • You will be able to modify your roster until 5/13/17.
  • Please remove players that will not be playing.

These teams are currently NOT cleared to play. Each of these teams must email me immediately, and outline what steps they are taking in the next 2 days to complete your roster.

  • Amherst JVA (Boys) [Blank roster]
  • Amherst JVB (Boys) [No roster started]
  • Beacon X (Girls) [Blank roster]
  • Beacon Y (Girls) [Blank roster]
  • Berkshires (Boys) [Blank roster]
  • Northampton JV (Girls) [No roster started]
  • Northampton JVA (Boys) [No roster started]
  • PVPA (Boys) [No roster started]
  • Somverville (Girls) [No roster started]

The following teams are only provisionally cleared to play. This means they are well on their way to having clearance, but have yet to 100% complete the paperwork/registration process. Until the incomplete/missing items are wrapped up, these teams will not be allowed to play.

  • Amherst JVA (Girls) [Not enough cleared players]
  • Lexington JV (Boys) [Missing tourney fee]
  • Lexington V (Boys) [Missing tourney fee]
  • Mamaroneck (Boys) [Not enough cleared players]
  • Northampton V (Boys) [Not enough cleared players]
  • Northampton V (Girls) [Not enough cleared players]
  • Sharon (Boys) [Missing tourney fee]

Emails connecting teams to their hosts will start going out in waves in the next few days. We are aiming to connect all housing emails sent out in the next 10 days. Keep in mind that only those teams that confirmed their housing needs using the housing and dinner form will be receiving housing. If you don’t receive your host information in the next 10 days, please reach out to housing director Megan Zinn at

Please make sure to send in your dinner fee check so that it arrives in Easthampton by this coming Friday, 5/5. The cost for dinner is $12.50 per person. Checks should be made out to “Ultimate Good” and sent to: Josh Seamon, PVI2017 Dinner, 3 Payson Ave #1, Easthampton, MA 01027. Here’s what teams currently owe for dinner:

  • Beacon X (Girls) – $150
  • Beacon Y (Girls) – $162.50
  • Berkshires (Boys) – $12.50
  • Burlington (Girls) – $237.50
  • Concord-Carlisle (Girls) – $125
  • Concord-Carlisle A (Boys) – $62.50
  • Concord-Carlisle B (Boys) – $125
  • Cumberland (Boys) – $200
  • Essex (Boys) – $225
  • Falmouth (Girls) – $200
  • Falmouth A (Boys) – $187.50
  • Falmouth B (Boys) – $212.50
  • Lincoln-Sudbury (Boys) – $250
  • Lincoln-Sudbury (Girls) – $300
  • Mamaroneck (Boys) – $137.50
  • Montpelier (Boys) – $250
  • Montreal Titane (Girls) – $225
  • Needham A (Boys) – $237.50
  • Northampton V (Boys) – $250
  • South Portland (Boys) – $137.50

Check out this preview of some of the amazing gear Spin will have on sale!

48 hours left until the paperwork deadline!

Lots more tournament information will be coming your way in the coming days, but for now everyone needs to focus on two items:

  1. Dinner fee checks are due in Easthampton by Friday, 5/5. The cost for dinner is $12.50 per person. Checks should be made out to “Ultimate Good” and sent to: Josh Seamon, PVI2017 Dinner, 3 Payson Ave #1, Easthampton, MA 01027.
  2. The big paperwork deadline is coming up this Friday, 4/28 at 8pm EST. Lots of teams have done some great work on their paperwork, but many still have work to do. You can check the status of your paperwork on the Team Status page. Everything that needs to be done is outlined, in detail, on the Paperwork page. The following teams have been cleared to play:
    1. Burlington (Girls)
    2. Cape Elizabeth (Girls)
    3. Concord-Carlisle (Girls)
    4. Falmouth (Girls)
    5. Four Rivers V (Girls)
    6. Lincoln-Sudbury (Girls)
    7. Longmeadow V (Girls)
    8. Montreal (Girls)
    9. Newton North (Girls)
    10. Ottawa Wicked (Girls)
    11. Radnor (Girls)
    12. WW-PS (Girls)
    13. Amherst V (Boys)
    14. Burlington (Boys)
    15. Cape Elizabeth (Boys)
    16. Concord-Carlisle A (Boys)
    17. Cumberland (Boys)
    18. Falmouth A (Boys)
    19. Falmouth B (Boys)
    20. Four Rivers JV (Boys)
    21. Four Rivers V (Boys)
    22. Lincoln-Sudbury (Boys)
    23. Longmeadow V (Boys)
    24. Masconomet (Boys)
    25. Middletown (Boys)
    26. Montreal (Boys)
    27. Newton North (Boys)
    28. Ottawa Scorch (Boys)
    29. Scarsdale (Boys)
    30. Watchung Hills (Boys)
    31. Westfield B (Boys)
    32. WW-PN (Boys)

4/15 Rostering Update

The dinner & housing form is now closed. If you did not submit information using the form, we assume you don’t need any housing or dinner tickets. If that is incorrect, please email Josh ASAP at and he’ll see what he can do. You can verify that we received your form submission on the Team Status page.

Please keep on working on your paperwork. If your team is NOT listed below, that means you have not completed at least once crucial paperwork/registration task. You can check and see what you’re missing on the Team Status page. Information outlining how to complete each task is online on the Paperwork page.

Please keep in mind that the paperwork deadline is Friday, April 28th at 6pm EST. Any team that has not been cleared to play by the deadline will be dropped from the event and no refund will be given. 

Teams that are cleared to play:

  • Cape Elizabeth (Girls)
  • Cape Elizabeth (Boys)
  • Cumberland (Boys)
  • Falmouth (Girls)
  • Falmouth A (Boys)
  • Falmouth B (Boys)
  • Four Rivers JV (Boys)
  • Four Rivers V (Girls)
  • Four Rivers V (Boys)
  • Lincoln-Sudbury (Girls)
  • Masconomet (Boys)
  • Middletown (Boys)
  • Montreal (Boys)
  • Newton North (Girls)
  • Watchung Hills (Boys)

Notable notes:

  • All teams must have at least one background checked chaperone. The background check process can take up to two weeks. Sometimes it can take longer.
  • All teams must have at least two chaperones with them. Only one chaperone is required to be NCSI background checked. At least one chaperone must stay with the team at all times, including at host housing.
  • For a player to be cleared to play they must have signed their online USAU waiver as well as paid their USAU membership or the one-time event fee.
  • Teams must have at least 10 cleared players in order to be cleared to play.
  • Teams can add and remove players from their roster until Friday, 5/13.

Please let us know ASAP if you have any questions.