PVI2017 – Sunday Morning Check In

All team coaches and chaperones must swing by tournament central at least a half an hour before their first game of the day begins on Sunday. We have an important handout to give you.

Of note, there is a slight change to game and spirit score reporting:

Immediately after each game, please text in your GAME score to Karin at 617-797-5627. Please use this format for your text:

Boys/Girls Team1 [score] Team2 [score]

So, your text could look like this:

Girls Amherst JV [13] Lexington JV [12]

Please DO NOT text images of your spirit scores… INSTEAD fill out the form given to you on Sunday morning at and bring it to tournament central immediately after your last game.

You must return the completed form to tournament central in order to receive your deposit back.