Thanks for coming to the 4th annual PVI!

Thanks for coming!
– Mabel & Josh

Thank you for an unreal weekend!

The 80+ volunteers and I thank you for being such wonderful teams! We couldn’t be happier with how things turned out, and a HUGE part of the success of the event is because of teams like yours!

If possible, please forward this message to all members of your team.

Some good stuff for you:

1) We’d like everyone that attended the event — players, coaches, chaperones, spectators — to fill out this short online feedback survey. The information you submit will helps us build an even better event in 2018! We know that filling out feedback surveys can be a drag, but know that the best way for us to improve the event, by far, is to hear from you.

2) Mark your calendars for May 19th and 20th, 2018! That’s when we’ll be holding the 4th annual PVI! The event will be back at the Oxbow!

3) We’d love to see any and all photos and video that you took this weekend. Please post whatever you can share to the PVI Facebook page. If it’s easier, feel free to email me content or links.

4) Please look over the reported game scores. Let me know via email ( if you see any numbers that aren’t right. At this point I have posted all submitted game scores as well as all spirit results.

5) All spirit scores are now online (XLS: Girls Division, Boys Division) and embedded below. I will be directly emailing each team their written comments.

[Green means above average for the division and red means below average for the division. Orange means the high score for that column.]

Girls division spirit scores

Boys A division spirit scores

Boys B division spirit score

6) Here’s what was left in the lost and found. If you recognize any items, please email Sheldon (, the keeper of the Lost & Found with your address. Shipping on most items to most locations will run $7.50.

PVI2018 lost & found

Thank you again for attending the 4th annual Pioneer Valley Invitational!

See ya’ll on the field!


– Josh Seamon