Team registration must be completed by Friday, April 27th @ 6pm EST.

If your materials have not been completed by Friday, April 27th then your team will be dropped from the tournament and you will receive no refund. Seriously.
[Having/had trouble with this deadline? Email me NOW.]

Here’s what needs to be completed:

0. All teams need to fill out the Dinner & Housing form [Online by early-March] by Friday, 4/13/18 at 6pm. If a team doesn’t fill out the form by then we will assume you don’t need any housing and will not be eating at the Saturday night dinner.

1. Create a roster online using USA Ultimate’s (new) online rostering system [Note: This is NOT the score reporter system]. The online rostering system can be accessed by logging into the USA Ultimate membership page. ALL rosters MUST be created online by a team leader. Paper rosters WILL NOT be accepted. The tournament event is now online in the USAU system:

Please remember that you need to first create a TEAM roster and then create an EVENT roster for the PVI2018. (You create one team roster per season. You create one event roster per event.)

USAU Help docs:
How to Create a Team
Event Registration and Rostering
How to Make Event Payments

Note: The one-time-event fee is an option, which costs $11.50 per player for players under 18 and $16.50 per player for players 18 and over, allows for a non-USAU member to play in the event. If you want to follow this path, do the exact steps above but instead of paying for a full membership, only pay the one time event fee. Keep in mind that this “one time” event fee ONLY covers the PVI2018.

2. USA Ultimate membership dues – All players must be current USA Ultimate members for 2018. Youth dues are $34.50. Membership status may be checked through the online rostering system. Membership dues should be sent to the USA Ultimate, NOT Josh Seamon. As an alternative to becoming a full member, all tournament participants have the option of using the one-time-event registration option which costs $11.50 per player for players under 18, and $16.50 for players 18 and older. Teams using one-time event fees are still required to create online rosters. Note: Players can create accounts and complete the waiver online even if they will be paying the one-time fee. The waiver form for one-time fee players is the same as the online waiver.

3. Liability waivers – All players must have a signed waiver on file for 2018. Waiver status may be checked through the online rostering system. A player can sign their waiver by logging into their USA Ultimate membership page. Minors (<18 years) must have their parent/guardian’s signature. All signatures can be done ONLINE through the membership page system.

4. Medical authorization forms – All minor (<18 years) players must submit a copy of a completed medical authorization form to Josh in Easthampton, not USA Ultimate. You can show me these at team check in on Saturday morning of the event. Copies must also be kept on site by the chaperone. Please indicate on your roster which players are 18 or older. Feel free to email me ( scanned copies of these forms. DO NOT MAIL ME YOUR ORIGINALS. You must have these forms at the tournament in order for your team to be able to play.

5. Chaperone background check – Each attending team must have 2 chaperones who are at least 25 years old. IMPORTANT: All teams must have have at least one chaperone who has submitted a NCSI background check to USAU. Full chaperone information can be found online right here. Please note that background checks can take up to two weeks to complete! Questions? Please check with USA Ultimate HQ at

0) All teams fill out the Dinner & Housing form (Coming soon!).
1) Rosters are created online in the PVI2018 event in the USAU rostering system. Note: This is NOT the score reporter system.
2) Membership dues are sent to USA Ultimate. (You can pay these online.)
3) Liability waivers are completed online.
4) A copy of each player’s medical authorization form is sent to Josh in Easthampton or shown to him at team check in on Saturday morning of the tournament.
5) At least one chaperone submits an NCSI background check to USA Ultimate. That chaperone must be added to the team’s online roster.

Materials sent to USA Ultimate should be addressed to:

USA Ultimate, Attn: Sanctioning
5825 Delmonico Dr., Suite 350
BoColorado Springs, CO 80919

Materials sent to Josh in Easthampton should be addressed to:

Josh Seamon
3 Payson Ave. #1
Easthampton, MA 01027

Theoretically the only thing you MAY need to send to USAU in the mail are membership fees, if for some reason you don’t pay them all online.

The ONLY thing you need to send me in the mail are copies of your medical forms, although I really prefer you scan and email those forms to me.

If you have any questions at all about the process, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.


– Josh